VERTEBRIS stenosis

Instrument Set for full-endoscopic decompression of lumbar spinal canal stenosis

Richard Wolf is the market and product leader in full-endoscopic spine surgery and has defined another milestone with this development. 

Minimally invasive techniques can reduce the trauma and consequences due to the operation. At the same time, visualization and illumination during the operation can be optimized. Appropriate instrument sets for decompression of lumbar spinal canal stenoses were developed on the basis of experiences derived from full-endoscopic operations on spinal disk herniations of the cervical and lumbar spine, offering the possibility of endoscopic bone resection.

The Richard Wolf VERTEBRIS stenosis system is the world’s first and only full-endoscopic instrument set for interlaminar access in central / lateral spinal canal stenosis of the lumbar spine. 

Today, the instruments and devices supplied in the set permit a full-endoscopic approach under visualization, depending on the indication criteria, which is improved by comparison with conventional operations. While lateral stenoses with symptoms on one side can be frequently operated using the basic instrument set, the larger stenosis system can be applied to operate on advanced cases or central stenoses. It is always important to consider whether a stabilizing measure is necessary in addition to decompression.

A larger telescope with a corresponding intraendoscopic working channel and larger instruments were required for the more extensive bone and / or ligament resection necessary in this operation. Full-endoscopic, interlaminar access is used routinely, while the transforaminal / extraforaminal access is reserved for specific individual cases.

The VERTEBRIS stenosis instrument set is complemented with the individual motor system PowerDrive ART1 or the COMBIDRIVE EN high-speed motor system.

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