The company RICHARD WOLF has a long track record in endoscopy and enjoys a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy business partner. We are unambiguously committed to legally compliant conduct, transparency, sustainability, and to fairness and integrity. We develop, manufacture and market our products based on the benchmarks of premium quality, customer satisfaction, and safety for patients. Today, adherence to laws, and rules and principles of conduct specific to individual companies is described as “compliance” (conformity with regulations). The executive management in Knittlingen has defined global compliance standards for this and implemented them in the form of a code of conduct with associated guidelines. These guidelines are binding and apply worldwide for all employees working for RICHARD WOLF, including the executive management and our subsidiary companies.

Over recent decades, the company RICHARD WOLF has gained an outstanding reputation for quality and innovation in endoscopy. RICHARD WOLF has given these rules of conduct concrete form as internal company guidelines in order to maintain this reputation. The compliance guidelines created for this purpose provide a binding benchmark for conduct covering all employees. Furthermore, our objective is to be a fair partner for customers and suppliers with transparent business processes. 

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