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Endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures have a long tradition in gynecology. Alongside diagnostic hysteroscopy, recent years have seen surgical hysteroscopy further consolidating its position in hospitals and out-patient centers. Surgical hysteroscopy places high requirements on endoscopy equipment used by gynecologists. 

Products and system solutions for gynecology at Richard Wolf have always followed the principles of quality, easy handling and patient-friendly application. This approach has frequently enabled classic endoscopic procedures to be placed on a new technological platform. We generate visions as the nucleus for innovations from an ongoing exchange of ideas and communication with leading gynecologists. 

New benchmarks for patient safety and user-centricity also characterize the world’s first resectoscope with automatic tissue chip suction – the RESECTION MASTER System. This is one of many premium instruments and yet another reason for the trust placed in instrument sets from Richard Wolf. 

Reducing risks during interventions and to minimize negative outcomes for patients – priorities for achieving further highly innovative system solutions in gynecology.

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