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Today, modern bronchoscopy is one of the most important methods of investigation for assessing diseases of the respiratory tract. 

Richard Wolf has focused especially on the advanced development of rigid bronchoscopy.

Rigid bronchoscopes are used in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for a wide range of indications in the bronchial system. Particularly in the case of foreign bodies or for interventional procedures such as tumor ablation or stent implants, the rigid bronchoscope has gained a reputation as the gold standard. 

Richard Wolf offers a complete product range of flexible and rigid bronchoscopes for children and adults to remove foreign bodies or for early diagnosis of lung cancer. The company also supplies the next generation of rigid bronchoscopes with the optically integrated "TEXAS" Bronchoscope. 

The versatile product range is complemented by the Diagnostic Auto Fluorescence Endoscopy System (DAFE) for early diagnosis of precancerous lesions. 

Instruments, devices and Systems – a comprehensive portfolio for diagnosis and therapy with interventions in the bronchial system.

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