Shockwave therapy focused, planar

The PiezoWave combines orthopedic ESWT applications with the treatments of TPST (Trigger Point Shockwave Therapy) and offers an important expansion of the range of therapies that can be administered for myofascial pain syndrome. The extracorporeal, focused shockwave permits precise diagnosis and therapy of active latent trigger points. 

Compact and mobile - the functional treatment unit for adaption of two different therapy sources.

  • Therapy source F 10 G4 for all standard indications in orthopedic ESWT and TPST 
  • Focused, pin-point, precise, variable penetration depth using 8 gel pads of different heights
  • Energy input over a large area with aperture angle of 94° - reduces the pain response at the surface of the skin

  • Planar therapy source FP4 for treatment of myofascial syndromes over large areas near the surface of the skin


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