Shock wave therapy low-energy, focused, planar 

The WellWave is a focused, low-energy therapy and massage system for application in physiotherapy.

Designed for therapy of myofascial pain syndromes, muscle contractures, trigger points, and acute and chronic sports injuries.

Two therapy sources are available here. The FP 4 therapy source significantly expands the treatment spectrum in TPST. The WellWave provides successful treatment for myofascial syndromes close to the surface over a large area. 20 intensity levels enable the energy generated in the pressure pulse to be calibrated with fine precision. The pulse frequency of the TPST can be varied from 1 to 12 Hz. Extremely short treatment times can be achieved with the high pulse frequency. 
Patient-friendly treatment is provided on the surface of the skin, no mechanical vibrations, no skin irritations, no hematomas. 

Therapy source FP 4 

  • Planar energy input
  • Therapy area 1200 mm2
  • Ergonomic handling

Therapy source F7 G3

  • Focused energy input 
  • High penetration depth up to 30 mm
  • Treatment with pulse rate up to 12 Hz
  • Individual therapy options


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