Spine Surgery – For an upright life


Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for treatment of diseases and injuries of the spine are at the center of spine surgery. Degenerative clinical pictures, such as spinal disk herniations or spinal canal stenoses, form a large proportion of the surgical indications. As in all other areas of surgery, the focus of technical medical developments in spine surgery has also been on the development of minimally invasive surgical procedures in recent years. 

Full-endoscopic access to the spine was a milestone here, since this was able to achieve optimum visualization of the surgical field and absolutely minimal trauma to the patient as a result of the actual access. Smaller skin incisions and the retention of surrounding structures mean smaller scars and therefore less postoperative pain for patients. The faster rehabilitation achievable is also in the interests of the wider community in these fast-moving times and the optimum cosmetic result ensures a maximum level of acceptance. These advances have meant that the spine has developed into a "region of interest" for endoscopic interventions in recent years. 

A healthy spine makes a major contribution to the performance and quality of life in individuals. Maintaining the integrity of the spine is therefore extremely important. Ideas for new products are developed in cooperation with experts from hospitals and general practice. Richard Wolf cooperates with leading spine surgeons in order to develop optimized and validated solutions for endoscopic spine surgery. 

Our full endoscopic instrument systems have an excellent worldwide reputation in cervical, thoracic and lumbar surgery. Development of a complete instrument set for decompression of stenosis of the lumbar spinal canal continues this success story. 

This concept has been continuously advanced and improved since the beginning of the development of these operating methods by Richard Wolf and its clinical partners. 
In the meantime, our international training program empowers us to instruct and train surgeons from across the world in these innovative operating techniques and provide them with permanent support. 

Continuous exchange of experience and a high level of technical expertise have enabled Richard Wolf to become the market leader in endoscopic spine surgery.

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