Minimally-invasive diagnostics and therapy in human medicine

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At the beginning of the 1980s, minimally invasive surgery launched its trajectory of success in a number of areas of human medicine. Very few developments have exerted such a significant impact on medicine as the innovations in the area of abdominal endoscopy or laparoscopy.
Over recent decades, endoscopy has brought about changes in large areas of abdominal surgery and this will continue to be the case in future. The success of endoscopy is due to the fact that medicine needs to meet more demanding challenges in the modern world.


Focus on people

The cosmetic factor undoubtedly plays a role alongside reduced complication rates from wound infections or abscess formation, lower rates of mortality, and fewer post-operative problems. These requirements mean that minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy are the standard for specific indications and this procedure is regarded as the intervention of choice.

Innovative solutions for endoscopy

Richard Wolf supplies its customers with a comprehensive range of rigid and flexible endoscopes. Over a period of more than 100 years, Wolf has applied a spirit of innovation and passion to manufacturing devices for all specialist areas in medicine.


Innovations are created at the interface between knowledge, inspiration and experience. The integration of science with medicine defines the quest for first-class products and systems solutions. Based on the principle of "everything from a single source", Richard Wolf creates certainty for the future and opens up new routes for multidisciplinary developments across different specialist areas.

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