The image of essential perspectives


As a full-range supplier of endoscopic imaging, Richard Wolf develops systems from the simple stand-alone model to the complete visualization system for the integrated operating room. The priorities of research, development and production are based within the company, ensuring that it is able to supply excellent quality and innovative medical products. In-house production covers telescopes, camera technology, light sources, and documentation. 

The expertise of Richard Wolf in the area of imaging encompasses the entire range of sensor technologies (3-chip, 1-chip, CCD, CMOS, chip-on-the-tip), special visual diagnostic procedures and Photodynamic Diagnostics (PDD), Diagnostic Auto Fluorescence Endoscopy (DAFE) and stereo 3D HD in the highest signal standards of Full HD 1080p and 3G SDI. 

Optimum image results are an enabler for the best possible diagnosis and therapy. The entire image chain also needs to be harmonized as a unified system. 

The endoscopic image chain comprises:

  • Endoscopes
  • Objective lenses
  • Digital HD cameras 
  • Light cables
  • Light sources
  • Medical Monitors
  • Digital archiving systems 
  • Video routing        

Richard Wolf Imaging 
Experience, knowledge and realization - all components perfectly harmonized with each other for optimum visualization.

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