core nova – the network-based, integrated operating room of the future

Core nova

Today’s high-tech environment in operating rooms is witnessing an increasing need to structure workflows and configurations as more and more innovative operating techniques and increasingly complex instrument systems are deployed. One of the most important functionalities is networking all equipment in the operating room in order to enhance efficiency and quality for surgeons and OR personnel. 

core nova 
is the result of know-how and vision for a completely new technological platform of operating room integration and consistent implementation of the system based on powerful and secure network technologies. 

core nova 
offers many different options for launching integration in the operating room and ensuring efficient and universal integration of devices and systems – for example intraoperative documentation using the endoscopy camera, professional media management and control of medical instruments. 

core nova 
can be expanded at any time independently of the initial configuration. Network technologies and modularity reduce the resources required for expansion to a minimum and facilitate practical solutions in every dimension. They are optimized to customers’ requirements, international standards, and technological developments.

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