core nova – The worlds’ first complete network-based, Integrated Operating Room


Richard Wolf set up Operating Room Integration on a completely new technology platform based on a long track record of experience – core nova. 

core nova 
is the consistent implementation of the new, unique system based on powerful and secure network technologies. Networking can now offer more than ever before because key components are comprised of software modules. 

Increasing requirements in the healthcare sector necessitate solutions for efficient and smooth-running operations in hospital environments. Integrated solutions are extremely promising concepts for effective operating room management to meet the challenges of the future. A future-proof system is only created for the hospital when planning, performance and monitoring are merged safely and dependably. 

core nova – the new, integrated Operating Room System from Richard Wolf 
heralds an era of shorter surgical times in operating theaters, effective time and information management, complete control, enhanced patient safety and flexibility. The system links up the hospital's IT network with all the integrated medical equipment. The instruments can then be controlled centrally from any location, including the incorporation of voice commands, as well as ensuring perfect documentation. 

Networked to the future 
Individual needs and instrument settings are already established and defined in the planning phase. The future-oriented concept of core nova is scalable. It permits adjustments in line with future needs through integration of additional instruments and functions. 

core nova – Operating Room Integration from Richard Wolf, efficient and future-proof!

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