Hygiene / Reprocessing


The capability to reprocess medical devices is a constituent element of the development process. It is important to ensure compliance with and implementation of the applicable standards, guidelines, and statutory regulations. Furthermore, all the materials used in these processes must be suitable for use in the reprocessing procedures. 

Richard Wolf supplies well-designed storage systems and appropriate accessories for reprocessing in order to guarantee the perfect condition of the reprocessed products and handling in reprocessing (ZSVA) and in the operating room. Particularly for machine reprocessing of telescopes, systems are necessary to provide comprehensive protection against mechanical damage and not impair the lifetime of these sensitive medical devices.

Professional reprocessing of Richard WOLF instruments and endoscopes requires the care staff to have in-depth specialist knowledge. The burgeoning requirements for handling and reprocessing of medical devices requires expert training in conformity with the valid statutory regulations and applicable standards. 

Additionally, Richard Wolf offers the "Reprocessing and Value Retention" program with advanced, highly informative training events of premium quality designed for employees in the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) and theater staff.

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