Reprocessing – Simply a clean thing


The instruments and equipment used in hospitals and medical practices represent a significant investment in assets which has to be maintained by professional reprocessing over a lifetime of many years.
Offering you solutions for hygienic instruments is second nature at Richard Wolf. Our systems provide efficient operation and offer additional value added. Robust, secure storage of high-quality instruments, efficient handling and maximum control are all key aspects. This reduces the amount of time expended and cuts costs. 

Perfect reprocessing starts at Richard Wolf in the development phase for instruments. For example, we offer systems that operate without sterile outer packaging or the requirement to change seals.
Clean, sterile instruments are a key requirement for hygiene Management – zero-maintenance components that can be quickly dismantled are a significant advantage for perfect cleaning and sterilization. 

The human factor is the critical issue. That’s why personnel responsible for reprocessing have to undergo in-depth training courses. Richard Wolf provides practical demonstrations of correct handling and care, and this safeguards the value of your instrument set. 

Instrument reprocessing today – high standards of hygiene to guarantee provision of premium medical devices for hospitals, medical practices and patients over the long term.

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