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Your decision to purchase products made by Richard Wolf means you have also opted for one of the best service packages on the market. The quality and functionality of the products need to be perfectly harmonized in order to achieve first-class results. 
The team at Richard Wolf is committed to speed and dependability. We do everything in our power to maintain your assets at the highest level and to minimize downtimes. Operational reliability and cost optimization over the entire service life of products made by Richard Wolf is the central service function.
The Richard Wolf Service Center Shanghai opened in 2014. We offer individual repair service for flexible scopes and e-devices for our authorized Chinese distributors and their customers.
You profit from:
• Shorter lead times
• Attractive prices
• Manufacturer’s guarantee and liability
• Safety and original manufacturer quality
• Greater value retention – longer lifetime
• Upgrades which ensure state-of-the-art technology

Naturally, our service is certified and guarantees the conformity of your medical product at all times. Our professional customer service is your expert contact in this area. 

Customer Service

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Do you require any specific information about a repair or our products? 
We are there for you in person and will be delighted to answer your questions:

Phone:                +86 21 6325 7830
Fax:                    +86 21 5651 2336
E-Mail:                shanghai(at) 

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